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About Prof. Guy Gilboa

Guy Gilboa is the head of the Vision & Sensing Lab at the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), Technion – IIT.


He received his Ph.D. from the EE Dept. (Technion) in 2004. He was a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA (Applied Math, hosted by Prof. S. Osher) and had various development and research roles within Microsoft and Philips Healthcare. Since 2013 he is a faculty member with the EE Dept. (Technion), Assoc. Prof. since 2019.

His research interests are  image processing and computer vision, with strong focus on mathematical models related to calculus of variations and nonlinear spectral theory. In addition he is involved in applied project concerned with depth sensing, intelligent drones and medical imaging analysis.

He has been serving at the editorial boards of the journals: IEEE Signal Processnig Letters, J. of Mathematical Imaging and Vison, J. of Computer Vision and Image Understanding and J. of Visual Communication and Image Representation.


For more details visit his personal website.

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